Hard Rock starts construction on Rockford establishment

  • Thursday 29 September, 2022
Hard Rock starts construction on Rockford establishment

Hard Rock has recently broken ground on new casino in Rockford, Illinois

The gambling and hospitality company Hard Rock has recently set off the construction project for its newest property, the Rockford Casino. Having recently been approved for utilities to be installed, the corporation carried out a groundbreaking ceremony, signifying the start of the permanent establishment.

The news comes nearly a year after the opening of the temporary casino in the area. It is estimated to cost over 300 million dollars and have a plethora of entertainment spaces. The project will also open up positions for nearly 2000 jobs in the area during the construction.

There are no completion date approximates, however, although the president of the future casino, Geno Iafrate, is hoping it can be done before the end of next year. It is going to be completed in multiple phases, with the hotel being the main focus of the second one.

Lastly, the project is going to involve quite a few large numbers. It is estimated to require over 7000 truck loads of material for the full completion. Additionally, it will likely need over 30 trucks per day.