iGaming Events Calendar 2023: top gambling conferences

iGaming Events Calendar 2023: top gambling conferences

Packing a wealth of information and networking opportunities, these iGaming events should be on your 2023 agenda.

The iGaming industry is growing rapidly, bringing with it more and more opportunities for everyone in the field. As gambling demand grows around the world, it is vital for companies to keep expanding their partner networks in the collaboration-heavy industry. This highlights why there are so many iGaming events out there, with at least a few taking place pretty much every month of the year. However, having so many choices can be quite overwhelming sometimes, so which ones should you mark on your calendar? Before diving into our main topic, let’s quickly explore some helpful information about it, starting off with the basics.

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What is an iGaming event?

An iGaming event is an opportunity for online gambling industry professionals to network, share their knowledge on different aspects of the field, form new partnerships, and enhance existing ones. It can take the form of a networking dinner, a gambling conference, or an iGaming exhibition, usually covering a specific region around the world along with its quirks and features. iGaming events are great places to expand your business and feature many other benefits, which we will cover next.

Why should you attend an iGaming event?

iGaming events are the perfect place to meet new people, some of which may become invaluable partners. They also provide excellent opportunities to display new products, such as slot games, casino platforms, and player engagement solutions. This also makes them great for companies that are looking to implement such offerings. Coupled with the amenities provided by most conferences in the form of luxury hotels and prestigious dinners, these points make the sizable upfront costs, including travel and entry fees, worth it.

What to expect at an iGaming conference?

Exhibition Stands

A lot of gambling conferences feature exhibition panels, where companies can showcase their products and meet prospecting clients. Displaying everything from software solutions and games to retail gambling and betting terminals at major events can be an excellent form of advertisement for many companies in the space, however, exhibition stands are a bit less common than the two other points we are going to discuss next and are generally found only at larger shows, such as SiGMA Europe.

Discussion panels/Speeches

A very common thing you may find at these events is discussion and speech panels. These are excellent places to learn new things about the industry from various professionals. They often focus on educational topics and share insights on important aspects of the sector, such as the latest trends, regulations, and best practices for a particular region, such as North America. Discussion panels have become pretty widespread across many industry events.

Networking dinners

Another very common thing to expect at an iGaming conference is a networking dinner, which is an excellent way of talking to industry professionals and making new connections. Most high-quality iGaming events will have these dinners as a part of their agendas and will provide their attendees with plenty of other networking opportunities, such as networking breaks.

How to prepare for an iGaming event

Preparing for an iGaming event is quite a simple task. Depending on the type of show your company may be attending, purchasing tickets and preparing to send a few representatives may be the only thing required to do. You may also want to plan ahead of time which companies or people you want to network with to maximize your productivity at the event, but we will dive deeper into this topic a bit later. Attending shows with the aim to showcase a product, however, will necessitate a more thorough plan. The participants will need to display their offerings in a manner that sparks the interest of their visitors, for example by setting up a themed booth or by offering an incentive in the form of a giveaway or a competition. Nevertheless, this will deliver a higher chance of striking a partnership, making the extra work worth it in the long term. After completing the preparations, now you may wonder what to do at the event itself, which is the next topic we will cover.

What to do at an iGaming conference?

There are a few goals that everyone attending iGaming conferences should set out to achieve, with the main one of course being meeting as many new people as possible. As discussed previously, networking is the biggest reason to attend these shows, as it can lead to meeting prospecting partners and signing important contracts, so it should definitely be a part of your iGaming events calendar. Other than that, you should just enjoy your time at the conference and get the most from your time there. Speaking of the latter, let’s take a deeper dive into it next and explore a few ways you can maximize your event productivity.

Tips on how to get the most from iGaming events

iGaming events usually cost quite a bit of money to attend, as everything from travel and accommodation to entry passes can be expensive. Thus, it is important to get the most value for money possible at these shows.

1. Identify your priorities and accomplish them first
2. Plan your meetings ahead of time
3. Meet with existing partners
4. Keep in touch with newly met people
5. Meet as many people as possible
6. Bring lots of business cards and hand them out to anyone interested

Top iGaming events 2023

Finally, let’s go over the iGaming events calendar and briefly talk about a number of shows that you will not want to miss in 2023. To learn more about conferences that we didn’t cover in this article, check out AffPapa’s iGaming Events page.

1. BiG Africa Summit 2023

Dates: March 30 – 31, 2023
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Venue: Emperors Palace Hotel

Focusing its coverage on the rapidly growing African iGaming market, the BiG Africa Summit 2023 is going to be a must-attend for companies looking to expand in the continent. It will present a lot of networking opportunities on the 30th and the 31st of March in Johannesburg, South Africa. Being organized by Eventus International, which has a lot of expertise in hosting similar events, the show will deliver a high-quality experience to its attendees.

2. SBC Summit North America 2023

Dates: May 9 – 11, 2023
Location: Secaucus, New Jersey
Venue: Meadowlands Exposition Center

SBC Summit North America is one of the continent’s leading gambling conferences. Planning to host over 3500 professionals from over a thousand companies across the continent, the event will present excellent opportunities over its three days starting on the 9th of May. Furthermore, on the last day of the conference, the SBC Awards 2023 show will be held, which will aim to celebrate some of the industry’s firms and individuals who left a positive mark on the world over the past year. SBC Summit North America 2023 will be held in the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey.

3. iGaming Germany 2023

Dates: June 6 – 7, 2023
Location: Munich, Germany
Venue: TBA

Focusing on the German and European gambling markets, iGaming Germany 2023 is going to be an important event for companies and professionals interested in expanding their presence in the region. It will host an audience full of top industry professionals in Munich, where the conference’s attendees will be given plentiful opportunities to meet new business partners and make connections. The event will be welcoming representatives from all sorts of iGaming firms, such as development studios and operators, as well as regulatory and compliance experts.

4. iGaming NEXT Valletta 2023

Dates: June 21 – 22, 2023
Location: Valletta, Malta
Venue: Mediterranean Conference Center

iGaming Next Valletta 2023 is going to bring together over four thousand of the industry’s best professionals and legal representatives in one of its most prominent jurisdictions. Starting on the 21st of June in Valletta, Malta, the event is going to have a two-day schedule packed with informative discussions and plenty of networking opportunities. One of the highlights of the conference is going to be the collaboration with iGaming Club powered by AffPapa, which will see the latter host its innovative speed-dating during the event, elevating the traditional networking experience and helping attendees make new industry connections in a matter of no time.

5. iGB Live! 2023

Dates: July 11 – 14, 2023
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Venue: RAI Amsterdam

iGB Live! 2023 is going to be held from the 11th to the 14th of July and is going to be uniting over 5000 industry experts in Amsterdam. The iGaming event will feature plenty of opportunities to meet new people and network. It will also have an exhibition section, where over 200 top companies are going to be showcasing their innovations and giving interested professionals demos and tours. iGB Live! Is more catered towards operators and affiliates, though its opportunities can be applicable to any business in the iGaming industry.

6. SiGMA Europe 2023

Dates: November 2023
Location: Attard, Malta
Venue: Malta Fairs and Conventions Center

Connecting some of the industry’s top executives in one of its most important jurisdictions, SiGMA Europe is one of the most important gaming conferences in the world. Being held in Malta, it is an international event with the aim of covering the entire world of iGaming. It is a gathering place for not only top executives, but also high-level government representatives, such as Malta’s prime minister. The gambling conference offers plenty of networking and learning opportunities, as its schedule is full of discussion panels and speeches. Furthermore, the event prides itself on the diversity of its audience, as every type of company from operators and suppliers to affiliates and media is represented fairly evenly.

7. ICE London 2024

Dates: February 6 – 7, 2024
Location: London, United Kingdom
Venue: ExCel London

You may have noticed that this event is in 2024, however, because of its significance we are going to take a brief look at it anyway. Starting on the 6th of February and lasting till the 8th, ICE London 2024 is going to be one of the year’s first events for many attendees. It is going to feature plenty of networking opportunities, as it’s going to be a host to a massive audience of over 35 thousand people. Participants will get the opportunity to meet with and learn from some of the most knowledgeable executives from the region, as the event is going to be packed with informative discussion panels, presentations, and speeches. Furthermore, thanks to its numerous sections specializing in different topics, such as the eSports Arena or the consumer protection zone, ICE London 2024 will be able to please the pickiest of attendees.


To sum it up, 2023’s iGaming events calendar is going to be packed with lots of gambling conferences that have the potential to benefit you greatly. Meeting new people is a vital part of any successful strategy in the iGaming industry, and attending gambling events is one of the best ways to accomplish that task.