IGT gets G4 certification in Global Gaming and PlayDigital

  • Monday 20 November, 2023
IGT gets G4 certification in Global Gaming and PlayDigital

Reiterating its strong dedication to safer gaming practices, IGT is thrilled to get an ethical gambling certification for its Global Gaming and PlayDigitalTM businesses from the Global Gambling Guidance Group.

IGT SVP of Marketing and Communications, Wendy Montgomery mentioned:

IGT’s recent G4 accreditation is evidence of our steady devotion to raising awareness of safer gaming. Our company was the inaugural one in the world to get G4 accreditation for excellence in digitally ethical gaming, showing our top place in the industry. We are the first American organization to be approved for wagering on sports. IGT is committed to supporting the strictest guidelines for safer gaming, making sure that both we and our customer base have enjoyable gaming practices.

Chairman of the G4 Board of Directors, Pieter Remmers mentioned:

IGT has shown its steadfast devotion to innovation and safer gaming each year. It gives G4 great pleasure to once more recognize IGT’s G4 accreditation. We are grateful for IGT’s commitment to keeping the involvement of gaming internationally and applaud the firm for its important work in encouraging ethical gaming.

G4 has an international certification program designed to decrease the negative influences of compulsive gambling. Following a separate evaluation, IGT was certified as G4, attesting to our compliance with leading guidelines for safe gaming information and user safety features. The review covered the customer security framework, operational procedures, training, and the code of behavior for ethical gaming.

IGT achieved its initial G4 ethical gaming accreditation for its operations in 2017, followed by digital solutions in 2019, and sports wagering in 2022.


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