IGT upgrades Totalizator Sportowy in Poland

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IGT upgrades Totalizator Sportowy in Poland

IGT Plc has recently unveiled the completion of a significant upgrade for Poland’s national lottery operatorTotalizator Sportowy.

As part of this development, Totalizator Sportowy’s iLottery platform will be relocated to the cloud, which is an important achievement as its the inaugural time IGT has released a full iLottery platform on the cloud.

Totalizator Sportowy’s Chief Executive, Olgierd Cieślik mentioned:

Having merged powers with IGT to elevate our lottery tech and systems, we aim to bring better lottery solutions for our esteemed players. We unlock fresh levels of productivity, accelerate system improvements to the market, and proudly claim the distinction of being the pioneer in the EU to implement a soughtafter, cloudbased iLottery tech. Our dedication to offering cuttingedge experiences remains unwavering as we continue to enhance our offerings for our valued audiences.

IGT Senior VP of iLottery, Srini Nedunuri mentioned:

Our company has reached a significant milestone with the migration of Totalizator Sportowy’s iLottery core system to the cloud because it is the main complete cloud deployment of its kind. We enthusiastically embrace the vast advantages that cloud tech brings, particularly in terms of seamless data involvement and insightful analytics. The cloud’s agility gives us the ability to implement updates swiftly and scale our operations effortlessly, enhancing general effectiveness to benefit Poland’s iLottery users. By harnessing these advantages, we aim to bring a more energetic and enjoyable practice for our valued users.

IGT has successfully upgraded its partner’s iLottery system to its advanced PAM system with IGT Command, which is considered the main tool for all userfocused features and capabilities. Such offerings range empowers the Lottery to efficiently forecast all aspects of audience involvement, while also looking for new user preferences. They may take advantage of new prospects and adopt practical nocash choices thanks to their flexible business model. Modern features for safer gaming are also included on the platform, ensuring a safe gaming environment for all users.

Through this tactical approach, Totalizator Sportowy is able to keep delivering its loyal gamers with a regular broadcast of oneofakind content, boosting their experience and keeping them interested with a variety of captivating products.


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