Kindred to continue its support for Women in Tech Sweden

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Kindred to continue its support for Women in Tech Sweden

For the eighth consecutive time, Kindred has enthusiastically committed as a Co-Creating Partner for Women in Tech Sweden and eagerly anticipates participation in the forthcoming conference on April 17th in Stockholm.

Women in Tech Sweden, a non-profit organization, garners support from some of Sweden’s foremost businesses, all sharing the common goal of encouraging more women to enter and persist in the tech industry. This year’s theme, “Connect, Create, Innovate,” resonates deeply with Kindred’s own values.

Prachi Arya, Talent Acquisition Tech Development and Women in Tech Advocate at Kindred Group, expressed:

Being part of this event and championing its mission holds significant importance for us at Kindred Group. Our continuous support for Women in Tech Sweden stems from the invaluable networking opportunities, enriching conversations, and meaningful face-to-face interactions that we consistently enjoy.

Åsa Johansen, Director of Women in Tech, emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts in prioritizing long-term diversity within teams:

It’s crucial that we unite in our commitment to cultivating teams with diverse perspectives. We understand how this fosters the development of superior, more innovative services and products. We’re delighted to have Kindred once again by our side as a steadfast partner on our journey towards a more inclusive industry.