EveryMatrix and Kindred enter global sportsbook data deal

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EveryMatrix and Kindred enter global sportsbook data deal

OddsMatrix, an integral component of the EveryMatrix Group, has entered into a strategic collaboration with a prominent iGaming company, Kindred.

This collaboration aims to furnish the prominent casino operator with an extensive repository of sports data, strategically timed before the impending release of their innovative in-house sportsbook.

Under the umbrella of this deal, OddsMatrix will extend its sports data to Kindred, encompassing a wide array of demanded sports disciplines encompassing football, basketball, tennis, as well as ice hockey, and much more.

The accessibility to this comprehensive data stands as an indispensable factor for any contemporary sportsbook striving to maintain competitiveness and deliver unparalleled customer experiences. This initiative dovetails seamlessly with Kindred’s new sportsbook platform and its overarching vision, underpinned by in-house modeling tech.

Having amassed extensive historical data over the years, OddsMatrix has maintained its commitment to innovation. This includes facilitating the availability of dependable tailor-made datasets and empowering casinos to dissect different performances. Moreover, operators can conduct their independent data projections, rigorously examining novel odds for events.

By integrating OddsMatrix’s historical data, the already robust OddsMatrix product lineup receives a notable enhancement, concurrently broadening data accessibility in the industry.

The President at EveryMatrix Americas, Erik Nyman mentioned:

Kindred is one of the pioneering authorized companies within the iGaming sector, and their remarkable journey from the EU to global prominence is noteworthy. Being an essential component of their new sportsbook fills us with pride, and the synergy between our companies has been unparalleled. We eagerly anticipate tracking their deployment and furthering our commitment to bolstering their expansion endeavors.

Ben Colley, Trading Group Chief at Kindred, mentioned:

We looked for an amalgamation of historical and real-time data at the highest level of granularity to build the most resilient models, providing inventive and precise marketplaces. OddsMatrix training has gone above and beyond goals, giving our team of quantitative analysts and data scientists the resources they need to further internal modeling R&D projects. This world-class tech is a key pillar of Kindred and represents yet a further milestone in our pursuit of complete autonomy over the full range of sportsbook services.

Encompassing an expansive range, it boasts 1.5 million events within the past year alone, accompanied by an impressive selection of over 700 wagering types in a diverse spectrum of over 100 sports disciplines.

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