MGM announced starting Osaka IR construction in 2024

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MGM announced starting Osaka IR construction in 2024

MGM Resorts is gearing up to commence construction of its Osaka IR (integrated resort), in Japan with plans to begin in the middle to late part of 2024, as shared by Bill Hornbuckle, the CEO of MGM.

This exciting development follows the recent licensing deal between MGM Resorts and Marriott International, which aims to attract visitors to their Las Vegas operations.

According to Hornbuckle, they are eager to complete the implementation agreement for their casino resort in Osaka in the upcoming autumn months. He mentioned:

Although it’s still early in the process, this journey has been ongoing for 12 years. We are eagerly anticipate to establishing our area development plan in the coming fall, and with any luck, we aim to commence actual construction on the ground, particularly the foundations and pylons, by the middle to late part of 2024. Our goal is to achieve an opening date in 2030.

He also mentioned that the resort would have a location on Yumeshima Island, a reclaimed land originally constructed in anticipation of the72 Olympics but remained unused until now. Notably, Yumeshima Island is slated to host the World Expo in 2025, thus there will be established facilities and infrastructure to support tourism and other essential amenities for MGM Resortsendeavour.