NeoGames expands in European markets with LEIA

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NeoGames expands in European markets with LEIA

NeoGames, a wellknown company specializing in iLottery and iGaming solutions, has reached a significant milestone in enlarging its European presence.

The company has recently emerged into a 4year deal with the Lotteries Entertainment Innovation Alliance (LEIA), which will create the way for NeoGames to suggest its entertainment content to all the lotteries in Scandinavia and France.

The members of LEIA will be the freshest EU lotteries to involve NeoGames Studio’s immersive library of content. Already acclaimed for its worldclass content, NeoGames Studio is already serving 10 lotteries throughout the region. This new collaboration is expected to significantly broaden NeoGamesreach and influence in the EU iLottery and iGaming markets.

NeoGames Studio serves as the proprietary game studio for the company, boasting an impressive track record of over 17 years in delivering toptier eInstant titles to lotteries. Throughout its history, the studio has developed more than 250 games, maintaining a steady flow of great offerings.

LEIA chose NeoGames as its partner through a rigorous and competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process. This selection speaks to the company’s exceptional product suggestions and its unmatched competence in providing captivating content to lotteries from different countries.

Hili Shakked, Supervising Director of NeoGames Studio, mentioned:

Our team is thrilled to share the fantastic development of our enlargement throughout Europe, facilitated by our remarkable collaboration with LEIA. The core objective of LEIA, which revolves around empowering lotteries to tap into new customer segments and bringing to the table content that aligns perfectly with the playersdesires, deeply matches with NeoGames.

The Chief Executive of LEIA, Morten Eriksen remarked:

LEIA’s main objective is to enrich the product range of lotteries by introducing a diverse and appealing array of gaming content, as well as fostering the development of advanced content. This collaboration firmly strengthens our dedication to enriching the lottery experience. Together, we anticipate an amazing journey of increase and success, elevating the gaming landscape for all involved.

LEIA, founded in 2018, represents a collaborative effort among the renowned lotteries Danske Spil, Française des Jeux, Norsk Tipping, as well as Svenska Spel. United by shared values, these lotteries join forces to pool their resources, aiming to create a more extensive and streamlined virtual gaming portfolio that prioritizes innovation. Via this cooperative approach, LEIA fosters a dynamic environment for development and progress.

NeoGames is a dominant force on a global scale in providing iLottery solutions for lotteries authorized by authorities. With a vision to be the preferred long–lasting companion for lotteries glo...