Senate discusses legalization of gambling in Brazil with Hard Rock

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Senate discusses legalization of gambling in Brazil with Hard Rock

Senator Irajá, acting as the rapporteur for Bill 2,234/2022 within the Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ), has put forth a proposal for public discussion regarding the legalization of casinos, bingo, jogo do bicho, and horse racing in Brazil.

This Thursday (9), a public hearing is scheduled to take place, starting at 10 am, aimed at deliberating on this matter. Among the distinguished speakers expected at the debate are Alex Pariente, Vice President of Casinos and Hotels at Hard Rock, alongside representatives from the tourism, events, and hospitality sectors.

The Constitution and Justice Commission opted to delay the vote on the bill, facing opposition pressure from certain quarters. In response, Senator Irajá (PSD-TO), in accordance with the leaders’ agreement, decided to convene a public hearing to delve into the subject matter.

Expressing his support for the bill, Senator Irajá has already indicated his intention to vote in its favor, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize tourism in Brazil. He highlighted projections of investments totaling R$45 billion (US$ 8.9bn) and the creation of nearly 200 thousand direct jobs, with tax revenues estimated to reach R$18 billion (US$ 3.55bn), thereby invigorating the economy.

Bill 2,234/2022 proposes the establishment of casinos within tourist hubs or integrated leisure complexes, such as upscale hotels boasting a minimum of 100 rooms, accompanied by restaurants, bars, and venues for meetings and cultural events.

The legislation envisions the installation of one casino in each state and the Federal District, with exceptions made for São Paulo (three casinos), Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Amazonas, and Pará (up to two each).

At the upcoming public hearing, alongside opponents of the proposal, key stakeholders advocating for the legalization of such activities in Brazil will be present. These include Alex Pariente, VP of Casino and Hotel Operations at Hard Rock International; Doreni Caramoni, President of the Association of Event Promoters; Guilherme Luís Dias, an expert in inspection and regulation; Thiago Borges, VP of the Brazilian Association of Resorts; and Manoel Cardoso Linhares, President of the Brazilian Association of the Hotel Industry. They all bring extensive expertise on the subject and endorse the legalization of these activities in Brazil.