Slotegrator is presenting its AI solutions at iGB L!VE 2023

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Slotegrator is presenting its AI solutions at iGB L!VE 2023

Each passing year, iGB L!VE continues to attract an increasing number of companies and experts from around the globe. In this edition, Slotegrator proudly showcases the latest AIpowered features of its comprehensive online casino platform, alongside its innovative Telegram Casino solution.

Once again, Slotegrator embarks on a journey to the Netherlands to participate in iGB L!VE, an esteemed event within the iGaming industry. As the event gains momentum with the attendance of additional companies and representatives each year, participants eagerly unveil the fruits of their labor from the first half of the year.

The upcoming iGB L!VE event will take place at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre in the Netherlands from July 11 to 14. Slotegrator is diligently preparing an engaging presentation to showcase its distinctive mobile solution, Telegram Casino, alongside the advanced features integrated into its recently updated turnkey platform solution. Through an interactive demonstration, Slotegrator aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the innovative tools available in their cuttingedge offerings.

Among the notable modules, Slotegrator has enhanced the functionality of wellknown components within its platform. For instance, Casino Builder, designed for creating customized site interfaces, now offers improved capabilities. The Fraud Detection module has been enhanced to collect extensive Big Data, thereby reducing risks effectively. Additionally, the KYC module ensures swift and seamless user verification processes.

Furthermore, Slotegrator has introduced an Artificial BI module, enhancing the existing business intelligence functionality. This module empowers operators to track and compare key indicators and profitability of their projects with other operators in the same market, enabling strategic decisionmaking.

In terms of payment processing, Slotegrator has implemented a seamless switch and interchangeability feature. This intelligent system automatically replaces a dropped payment method with an alternative, ensuring uninterrupted transaction processing for optimal user experience.

During the event, Slotegrator will host a series of dedicated minipresentations focusing on two cuttingedge AI solutions integrated into their turnkey online casino solution:

  • ChatGPT Integration: This innovative feature enables casinos to harness the power of AI to consult and advise on various aspects, including strategies to boost income in their projects. ChatGPT serves as a valuable resource, providing operators with actionable insights and guidance.
  • Multiplayer Chat Function: Slotegrator introduces an exciting and novel addition to their platforma multiplayer chat feature. Accessible from any online casino front page, this engaging tool enables players to communicate and interact with each other. By fostering a sense of community and networking, this feature serves as a powerful retention tool, enriching user involvement and satisfaction.

In addition to their impressive lineup, Slotegrator has unveiled a new feature called the Wheel of Fortune for their online casino solution. The Slotegrator team will be onsite at the event to demonstrate these exciting innovations firsthand.

Yana Khaidukova, Managing Director at Slotegrator, said:

iGB L!VE is the event that no one wants to miss this year. Renowned for its incredible insights, the show offers a plethora of opportunities. From an impressive exhibition showcasing the latest innovations to a diverse and engaging agenda, it serves as a hub for educational content, networking, and the exchange of ideas surrounding the future of the iGaming and affiliate industries. Notably, the 2023 edition of iGB L!VE introduces its inaugural dedicated Consumer Protection Zone, a groundbreaking addition that promises to leave attendees awestruck. This zone focuses on ensuring the highest standards of consumer safety and wellbeing, further enhancing the event’s significance and impact.

From July 11 to 14, the Slotegrator team eagerly awaits the arrival of partners and guests at booth M40 within the esteemed RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. Visitors can expect a warm welcome and insightful discussions about the latest developments in the iGaming industry.


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