Slotegrator presents a report on iGaming trends in 2024

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Slotegrator presents a report on iGaming trends in 2024

In the iGaming world, it’s essential to predict industry trends. Each year, Slotegrator, one of the industrys top software and business solution suppliers for online casinos and sportsbooks, traditionally shares its vision of trends with its audience.

This year, Slotegrator released a new report on iGaming trends in 2024 to help gambling operators and B2B service suppliers strategize for the next year.

The new report is based on the companys survey of online casinos and gaming content developers, some of whom preferred to stay confidential, and some of whom shared their comments with Slotegrator to create useful material. Among them are Caleta Gaming, Macaw Gaming, SKILROCK, Turbo Games, Amigo Gaming, 3 Oaks Gaming, Gamzix, etc.

The report covers all the major iGaming trends of 2024 and predictions about future gambling market developments.

To look at them in detail, let’s break them down into several blocks:

  • What games will be popular?

Today’s players (especially younger ones) look for formats with rapid-fire gameplay and interesting mechanics, so game developers will continue to create new crash games and increase the number of these games in their portfolio.

According to Slotegrator’s report, there are two key insights:

  1. The demand for crash games is growing among players 25-34 years old.
  2. 75% of game developers surveyed either currently offer crash games or are planning to do so in the future.

Will the popularity of sports betting rise?

According to Statista, the online sports wagering market is expected to reach $43.55 bln in 2023 and show an annual growth rate of 9.94%, reaching $63.62 billion by 2027. Its been estimated that 35.4% of people placed a bet at least once a year worldwide.

VR integration in esports.

VR is increasingly penetrating into all spheres, including esports. The immersive experience that VR creates allows players to become not just spectators but active participants, dropping them right in the middle of the action.

With VR tech making esports more and more exciting, you can safely assume that the esports betting market will continue to grow. The esports betting market revenue is projected to reach $2.1 billion in 2023. The market is estimated to show an annual growth rate of 10.45% and reach $3.2 billion by 2027.

What technologies will be on top?

Online casinos continue to use AI to enhance security, personalize player experiences, and promote responsible gaming. AI also provides market insights, SEO improvement, and affiliate traffic analysis. Game and software providers already use AI in their products and solutions.

Another one is the blockchain technology trend. It has produced a range of tools and mechanics that are growing in popularity, facilitating operators’ work, and making a huge impact on the iGaming industry. One of the most widespread and commonly used applications of blockchain, cryptocurrency, has become a fixture in the iGaming landscape. A quarter of their clients, online casino operators, say that up to 40% of their players use cryptocurrency; another quarter says this number reaches 80 to 100%.

What about the gaming markets with the most potential?

According to Slotegrator’s report, most of the companys partner providers responded that they already operate in or are planning to expand into Latin America (and its top markets Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, and Peru), Asia (India, Georgia, Turkey), and regulated African markets (like Kenya and Nigeria). 73% of respondents already operate in Latin America or are planning to expand there in the near future. A similar indicator applies to the Asian market.

Some additional key findings:

  • Responsible gaming is essential for the future of the online gaming industry. Young players are concerned about the quality of their gaming experience. Responsible gaming is more than a buzzword, and developed, regulated jurisdictions are fostering growth in this direction.
  • According to 75% of respondents among Slotegrator partners, adding new types of games helps to attract new players. This process is much quicker in cooperation with gaming content aggregators.
  • Every casino needs an effective bonus policy, which is more of a mainstay than a trend. Bonuses have always been the number one way to acquire and retain players, and this won’t change in 2024.
  • Mobile-first gameplay has gone from trend to standard, and in the near future will only solidify its position on top. Convenient, portable, and affordable, mobile devices are increasingly players’ first choice — and often the only one, in areas where laptops are expensive and broadband unavailable.

Ayvar Gabidullin, BD Manager at Slotegrator, mentioned:

This report will be useful for beginning operators doing research before launching their first project, platform operators planning to expand into new markets or add new offers to their established online casinos, B2B service providers working on their business development strategy, and gambling community members who want to stay on top of current trends.

Interested readers can download the report on iGaming trends in 2024 here or watch a video review at Slotegrator Academy.


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