Soft2Bet announces 46% growth in gross revenue: 2023 results

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Soft2Bet announces 46% growth in gross revenue: 2023 results

Soft2Bet, a top B2B casino and sportsbook platform provider, unveiled robust growth metrics for 2023.

In 2023, Soft2Bet’s revenues surged, fueled by strategic expansion into regulated markets and innovative, gamified products. The audited results revealed a 46% growth in gross revenue and a remarkable 207% rise in EBITDA compared to the previous reporting period.

Key factors behind these outcomes include the successful implementation of Soft2Bet’s gamification solutions, the Motivational Engineering Gamification Application (MEGA). This innovation has demonstrated a remarkable over 60% boost in Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), a 70% increase in player engagement, and a surge in average revenue per user (ARPU) for the company’s partners.

Additional factors include robust expansion in the company’s sports betting offerings, registering a 300% revenue surge in 2023. Furthermore, Soft2Bet extended its reach into various regulated markets, securing new licenses in Sweden, Greece, Romania, and Italy.

Uri Poliavich, CEO and founder of Soft2Bet, said:

With our MEGA solutions and ambitious expansion strategy, 2023 was an incredible year for our family at Soft2Bet. I have no doubt we’ll continue to see strong growth in 2024 as we innovate our gamification engine. We are already developing partnerships with new and old friends, expanding into North America, and delivering more game-changing solutions for our partners this year.

In 2024, Soft2Bet aims to extend its reach in Europe and North America, with plans to enter the US market in New Jersey and expand into Portugal, Ontario (Canada), and Mexico. The company prioritizes advancing its MEGA technology, leveraging a strong tech stack to consistently enhance engagement, volumes, and revenues through unparalleled personalization and tailored user experiences.

The company’s core philosophy centers around innovation. Looking ahead, it aims to integrate AI and other emerging technologies to enrich and shape new features.




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