seeks to boost engagement using gamification

  • 1 min read seeks to boost engagement using gamification

Low6 will be working with to create a social space for the community as a measure to drive engagement and retention.

The online sports wagering operator has recently signed a contract with the customer retention company Low6 to create a virtual gathering space for its userbase. The latter uses gamification techniques to activate a larger portion of the players and increase their participation.

The plan will involve a special social hangout place, a “clubhouse”, that will eventually be used site-wide by the operator, however for the first stage the engagement specialist will focus its resources on a platform tailored toward the FIFA World Cup. The socializing interface will involve a number of conventional engagement tools, such as rewards, chat and personalization, along with gamification for excellent results.

Moreover, Low6’s community building solution will allow users to discover and utilize a number of novel methods to bet with other members of the bookmaker, letting each player find an approach that suits them. Additionally, the system will allow people to find like-minded bettors with shared interests, further driving retention, customer satisfaction and of course yield.

After the initial step the two companies intend to expand the communal vertical to a greater extent, covering all leagues and tournaments offers betting on.

In the announcements the two companies expressed a great pleasure to be working together and developing social spaces for the community.
The chief executive of the software developer and provider, Jamie Mitchell, stated: “It’s been an [exciting period] as we [start working with an increasing amount of clients] who are [seeking a unique and effective] approach to gamification.” They continued, mentioning that Sportsbet is a leader in the industry and the two firms’ combined expertise will result in a great product for the users.

The head of sportsbook operations at the operator’s parent organization, Joe McCallum, said:

Sportsbet has always had a customer-centric approach, thus Low6 is a perfect match for us.

They added:

Low6 understands how to create top-notch experiences and we’re collaborating rigorously to provide the best services.