Stakelogic Live introduces its live casino Bonus Tool

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Stakelogic Live introduces its live casino Bonus Tool

Stakelogic Live, a leading supplier of live casino content, has transformed the way casinos manage promotions within live games via the introduction of its innovative Bonus Tool.

Operators face three main hurdles when it comes to promotions for live content: enticing clients with dynamic, real-time promotions; customizing offers to certain games and users; and offering rapid benefits to meet modern user demands.

Here are the key features highlighted:

  • Immediate Rewards – These rewards can be automated, manually triggered, or customized to match specific user accomplishments.
  • Push Notifications – This feature provides real-time interaction for players, whether they are online or offline.
  • In-Depth Reporting – Operators can access detailed analytical reports to fine-tune their promotional strategies for optimization.

Stakelogic Live’s robust Bonus Tool empowers operators to conquer these challenges by executing dynamic promotions with a player-centric focus, supported by unparalleled versatility. Operators can effortlessly generate, customize, and manage promotions in real-time, while players have the freedom to opt in or out, receiving live bonus notifications through the promotional widget. The array of available promotions encompasses a wide diapason, encompassing traditional bonuses, leaderboard promotions, and much more.

The Bonus Tool is remarkably user-friendly, requiring only four swift steps for promotion deployment:

  1. Gain access to the tool through the back office.
  2. Craft and personalize promotions.
  3. Engage players using the promotional widget.
  4. Instantly distribute rewards, either automatically or manually.

The Head of Live Casino at Stakelogic Live, Dejan Loncar said:

We’ve rapidly established ourselves as an essential live casino supplier for operators across global markets, offering highly engaging titles that provide the authentic experience players desire. However, we aspired to elevate our offerings further and empower our operator partners to implement promotions and bonuses that genuinely enrich each player’s experience. Our innovative Bonus Tool accomplishes precisely that by enabling operators to create personalized promotions that foster genuine engagement. This tool not only surpasses player expectations but also extends their time spent within the games, ultimately propelling revenue growth and elevating brand loyalty to unprecedented heights.

Stakelogic Live’s Bonus Tool empowers operators to provide an enriched player experience, incorporating missions and instant rewards. This results in extended playtime and increased revenue, as players engage for longer periods and play more frequently. This achievement is coupled with complete control facilitated by seamless back-office integration, granting operators a high level of security through operator-level access.


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