The KSA has warned operators to reduce gambling advertising

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The KSA has warned operators to reduce gambling advertising

The Dutch Kansspelautoriteit has recently published a letter, advising operators to keep their promotional campaigns in check.

With only two months remaining till the ban on broadcasted and untargeted ads goes into effect, the Kansspelautoriteit has urged operators to not exceed any of the current limitations. The regulator has stated that any violations will result in strict action, and that they are going to be on high alert during the upcoming World Cup championship.

The aforementioned broadcast advertising ban will then be followed by a prohibition on sponsorships. The latter is expected to go into effect sometime before 2025. These two rules are following the previous “role model” ban, which went into effect last summer and prohibited people with various amounts of fame from taking part in gambling promotional campaigns.

We hope that operators in the country have understood that there is only so much that they can get away with. Those limits were vastly exceeded by a large portion of the industry when the legal online gambling market was greenlit last year. Neither the industry as a whole, nor any individual companies have truly excelled in this regard and shown appropriate behavior. Building an industry where people can safely and responsibly enjoy real money gaming should be the industry’s top priority, not making a quick profit while harming countless people.

commented the chairman of the Kansspelautoriteit, Rene Jansen.

A new big wave of gambling promotions would quickly become a big hit to the industry’s reputation, leading to an even larger response with tighter regulations and massively decreased long-term profits for the operators. My advice to these firms would be to not get to that point.

he continued.