Ukrainian football to make a comeback with FeedConstruct

Ukrainian football to make a comeback with FeedConstruct

FeedConstruct has signed an exclusivity deal for Ukrainian football coverage.

The online betting data supplier FeedConstruct has recently signed an exclusive deal with the Ukrainian Association of Football to provide wagering data and broadcasting coverage for a number of competitions supervised by the latter.

The main leagues covered under the agreement are the country’s premier league, the first and second championships, the women’s tournament, the futsal league and the youth championship. The premier tournament, representing the top level of the sport in the country, has already started, with the first and second leagues, representing the second and third levels down from the top respectively, set to follow shortly.

We are delighted to be able to restart football in Ukraine, as it is a clear sign that we are going strong as a nation and are headed for a win against the invaders.

stated the head of the Ukrainian football organization, Andrii Pavelko.

We are thrilled to have this opportunity to have the exclusive rights to distribute betting and live streaming data for the aforementioned leagues. Despite the challenges currently facing Ukraine, we are certain that making a comeback after a brief pause will be easy for the teams and players, and that the world will once again be able to enjoy Ukrainian football competitions.

commented the deputy chief executive of FeedConstruct, Artashes Sargsyan.

The company will be exclusively supplying the broadcasting and betting data for 100 to 200 games from each mentioned tournament, totaling over 800 matches over the coming season.