ANJ started deal with French Advertising Authority

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ANJ started deal with French Advertising Authority

In a bid to enhance ad rules and terms in France, the Autorité nationale des jeux (ANJ), has forged a strategic cooperation.

The collaboration involves close cooperation with the French advertising self-regulatory organization – ARPP, with a primary goal of refining the experiences of casinos in the industry.

Under this cooperation, the ANJ and the Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority will jointly work towards 5 key objectives. Particularly, one of the key components of this collaboration is designating the ARPP as the inaugural point of contact for gaming operators on their trading communications projects before they are released.

As part of their collaboration, both regulating bodies will foster an exchange of prospects and info. The ARPP will proactively engage with the ANJ whenever they have any uncertainties about proposed ad content. Additionally, both organizations will collaborate closely in tackling the claim procedures.

The development of a yearly observatory to talk about the latest advertisement trends in the iGaming world is another significant outcome of their collaborative efforts. This observatory will be a platform for the ANJ and ARPP to analyze and address advertising practices.

Furthermore, the ANJ and ARPP will pool their expertise to develop new tools or enhance existing ones that provide support and guidance to gambling operators. By doing so, they aim to promote responsible and compliant advertising practices in the industry.