Benedict McDonagh as new Managing Director of Wizard Games

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Benedict McDonagh as new Managing Director of Wizard Games

Wizard Games, a daughter company of NeoGames, has announced about assigning Benedict McDonagh as the company’s Managing Director, with the goal of accelerating its journey towards establishing itself as one of the popular names.

Benedict McDonagh has started working at Wizard Games, bringing with him 18 years of useful expertise in the sector. Prior to this role, McDonagh co-founded Green Jade Group, a gaming studio, where he was the Chief Executive for the past five years.

With a notable background encompassing positions at Mr. Green, and Betfair, McDonagh now has united forces with Wizard Games. This appointment was a key addition to the company. Together, they are dedicated to supplying operators with highly valuable iGaming practices, further solidifying Wizard Games’ commitment to excellence.

Taking over as Wizard Games’ CEO at a crucial juncture in the studio’s aspiring increase trajectory, Benedict McDonagh’s appointment as Managing Director comes as a significant development.

Adrian Bailey, the Managing Director of Pariplay, expressed his enthusiasm for the ongoing success of Wizard Games in various authorized locations worldwide. He attributed this advancement to the exceptional caliber of individuals the company attracts. Bailey further emphasized the valuable contribution Benedict McDonagh’s extensive sphere skills and knowledge will bring to Wizard Games, stating his belief that McDonagh will be an outstanding addition to the team, providing substantial advantages to the studio.

Benedict McDonagh showed his delight at the studio’s plans to have a large impact on jurisdictional marketplaces globally. McDonagh conveyed his delight at being given the opportunity to contribute to this remarkable journey. Drawing upon the extensive expertise accumulated throughout his career, McDonagh shared his commitment to elevating the studio to new heights. His ultimate objective is to enable Wizard Games to have a significant impact on casinos and users on an international scale and to leave a lasting mark on the industry.

Wizard Games, a subsidiary of the Neogames group, specializes in providing immersive iGaming practices for authorized markets globally. Their approach blends established strategies with cutting–...