Finnplay to utilize automation solutions from Flows

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Finnplay to utilize automation solutions from Flows

Flows is going to provide its innovative interface to Finnplay.

The iGaming provider Finnplay has recently struck a deal with a company specializing in digital automation, Flows. Through the deal the former will get access to the latter’s advanced integration interface that requires no coding, which will allow their clients to deploy applications easily and seamlessly.

The main advantages of the partnership for the provider’s clients are improved speed, convenience and cost of new application integrations. Through the platform provided by the software developer, an iGaming operator can quickly deploy any program without hiring programmers to code a custom solution.

Furthermore, the services offered by the automation company are specifically tailored towards the online gambling industry.

We are always striving to expand and improve our offerings to make the experience better for our loyal client base. Integrating Flows’s services will add a lot of value to our products and we are certain that our customers will not want to go back after using their automation platform. We are looking forward to a productive partnership.

stated Finnplay’s managerial director Jaakko Soininen.

Finnplay is a top-ranking company in their industry with high quality offerings that match their great reputation. We are delighted to have the ability to work with them and share our passion for automating and streamlining programs. This partnership will be one of our firsts in the region as we aim to expand our operations. We are assured that we will have a fruitful collaboration with our partners.

commented the director of sales at Flows, Domenico Mazzola.

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