Golden Whale to partner with Entain’s Finnplay

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Golden Whale to partner with Entain’s Finnplay

Golden Whale, a trailblazing data science firm in the online gaming sector, is set to deploy its comprehensive suite of features and methods on Finnplay, a prominent Nordic platform provider.

This strategic collaboration aims to enhance retention and elevate engagement levels across all brands under Finnplay’s umbrella.

In a significant move, Golden Whale has partnered with Finnplay, an Entain-owned platform provider, to integrate its cutting-edge machine learning infrastructure across all supported brands. This includes Golden Whale’s groundbreaking Foundation technology layer and the innovative LOOPS self-optimization program, both of which will seamlessly become part of the Finnplay-powered brands. This integration empowers customers with tools to optimize player retention and elevate engagement levels.

Chief Executive Officer for Golden Whale, Eberhard Durrschmid, said:

In recent years, Golden Whale has dedicated itself to honing its technologies for enhanced customer outcomes. The prospect of deploying these refined capabilities on a grand scale through our collaboration with Finnplay holds substantial value for both companies. Through the seamless integration of our predictive optimization tools and state-of-the-art infrastructure into all brands powered by Finnplay, we aim to provide customers with authentic insights into their data, delivering real-time results that will significantly boost retention and engagement metrics. This collaboration is truly thrilling, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will bring.

Managing Director for Finnplay, Jaako Soininen, said:

Being the foremost iGaming platform provider in the Nordic region, Finnplay consistently seeks avenues to enhance our offerings and equip customers with impactful tools for business success. The collaboration with Golden Whale represents an ideal opportunity to provide Finnplay-powered brands with a competitive edge. Through the integration of Golden Whale’s advanced data science and machine learning technologies, Finnplay customers can now access crucial insights, enabling them to make optimized decisions for more effective player engagement in the future. This partnership is poised to bring significant value to our clients.

Finnplay, an acclaimed Nordic platform provider with a track record of multiple awards, already offers a diverse portfolio of supporting services such as engagement tools and regulatory compliance. The addition of Golden Whale’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies is expected to bring tangible benefits to Finnplay’s clients, reinforcing their position in the market.

Established in 2008, Finnplay stands as a privately-held boutique software development company in the realm of iGaming. Their specialization lies in crafting tailored and cost-effective gaming service...