Jamie Shea urges US betting brands to start player education

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Jamie Shea urges US betting brands to start player education

On the Xtremepush podcast series “Experts in the Room,” the CMO of Strive Gaming, Jamie Shea discusses the untapped potential of in-play betting in the United States, suggesting that it could experience a surge similar to its success in Europe.

Sportsbooks in the United States need to prioritize educating players about the advantages and availability of in-play wagering to ensure a lucrative future, as emphasized by Jamie Shea, a prominent figure in the industry and former Sportsbook VP at DraftKings. She underscored the fact that live wagering in the country has yet to realize its full potential, despite more than 5 years passing since the initiation of legal online bets outside of Nevada, starting with DraftKings in NJ.

In addition to promoting in-play betting, Shea emphasized the essence of retaining high-value players for profitability. He suggests that a strategic emphasis on personalized experiences is more effective than the costly approach of generic bonuses in achieving player retention. This insight was shared by Shea as a guest on an upcoming episode of Xtremepush’s podcast series, Experts in the Room.

Strive Gaming’s CMO, Jamie Shea, said:

The most effective tool for retaining players is educating them, guiding them on how to play. Often, customers are unaware of the existence of certain bets. A current frustration in the US industry for me is the underutilization of in-play betting. I wonder why it’s not more prominent. In Europe, 70% of bets are in-play, and it’s popular because it’s enjoyable and offers instant gratification. I would love to witness a similar trend in the US. Player education is crucial in this regard—teaching them how in-play betting functions, where to find it in an app, and this is where push notifications play a role. Brands should make significant efforts to inform users about the availability of these exciting wagers. Whenever I’ve taken the time to explain how it works, people love it, and it becomes their preferred choice.

Shea also emphasized the need for US casinos’ acquisition budgets to align more closely with player lifetime values, a trend that is already underway.

After the inaugural bet in New Jersey on August 1st, 2018, there was a rush to acquire active customers, resulting in a flood of indiscriminate bonuses and a lack of clear strategy. This approach created unrealistic expectations and spurred competitive ‘promo hunting,’ leading to an unprofitable race to the bottom. Strive Gaming and Xtremepush’s presence in the US market facilitates more focused marketing, ensuring bonuses are strategically targeted. This gives them a chance for a nuanced analysis of what appeals to specific player types through a measured strategy.

Aligned with the data-driven approach to personalized offerings, Shea understates the paramount need of knowing problematic player behavior for US-centric platform supplier Strive Gaming.

She explained that this is a very personal topic for her, as she witnessed her dad losing his business because gaming was not regulated back in the 80s. No one was checking in on him. Having all this data available now allows them to observe if one’s behavior has been altered significantly.

Shea expressed a high level of awareness regarding player interactions with the company. The customer service team, under her leadership, undergoes extensive training to identify specific trigger words that might signal individuals facing challenges. While the team cannot serve as therapists or possess comprehensive knowledge of the customers’ thoughts, they are equipped to offer the necessary tools for individuals to responsibly enjoy sports betting and iGaming, minimizing any negative impact on their lives.

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