Kambi adds in-game and cash-out functions to Bet Builder

  • Thursday 9 February, 2023
Kambi adds in-game and cash-out functions to Bet Builder

Kambi has recently enhanced its Bet Builder feature by adding highly sought-after extra functionality.

The provider had recently conducted a trial run for the two extra features during the NFL’s playoffs. In-game Bet Builder cashouts were over 65% as frequent as those of regular bets, demonstrating that both were in quite high demand.

Thanks to this launch, bettors will have the ability to place their Bet Builders during the upcoming Super Bowl. Users will also be able to cash out their Bet Builders at any time, regardless of when they placed them.

Kambi intends on adding the two new features to other prominent American sports leagues in the near future, such as the NBA, the MLB, and various college sports, to better align with Bet Builder’s multi-sport capabilities.

As the Super Bowl is the North American continent’s largest sports event, it was important for us to upgrade our Bet Builder in time for the upcoming match. Bet Builder is rapidly expanding in popularity, and it is important for us to keep our market-leading position in terms of innovation. Our latest two features will further elevate the experience of our players and will give them more options to enjoy the pastime. We are looking forward to expanding our live and cashout functionalities to other major sports in the near future.

remarked the Senior Vice President of Trading at Kambi, Simon Noy.

Kambi is a leading provider of sports betting technology and services. With data-driven sportsbook core and flexible technology, the provider acts as an incubator for operator innovation and different...