KSA worries the government doesn’t do much to protect players

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KSA worries the government doesn’t do much to protect players

René Jansen, the chairperson of the KSA, announced that the government needs to publish limits for spending on gambling in order to safeguard players.

During a conference Jansen said that strict limits will help to support gambling addicts. But he also added that just setting a limit is not enough as further and serious actions need to be taken. They cannot just set a limit and wait until players reach to them.

Jansen cited a new research done by the KSA, which said that for the protection of the players, the government in the Netherlands doesn’t do as much as the rest of Europe. He noted that other governments have certain laws.

I wonder more and more whether we are providing enough protection and security for players with the current interpretation of the duty of care. I find that the behavior of gambling providers still leaves a lot to be desired, so strengthening the duty of care is very important.

commented René.

His concerns were made following the recent situation with LCS Limited, as the operator offered its products in the country without having the needed license. Correspondingly the operator has been penalized with 165 thousand euros,