MAC conference in Eastern Europe is back to Yerevan

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MAC conference in Eastern Europe is back to Yerevan

The largest MAC conference in Eastern Europe is back! 2500+ participants, 100+ companies at the exhibition, 30 reports, and an adventurous Afterparty.  

MAC gathers thousands of market experts every year who are ready to travel to any corner of the globe to network, and get the freshest updates and insights. 

In 2024, the MAC Affiliate Conference will be held in Yerevan on May 30-31.

It’s widely known that conferences provide a laid-back atmosphere where you can casually connect with fellow professionals, forge partnerships, and stay updated on the latest trends in the affiliate market. Yet, beyond these obvious benefits, there are three hidden reasons that enhance the value of attending conferences even further.

  1. Conference participants offer insights unavailable on the internet. When delving into a new niche, webmasters typically scour online resources, yet these often provide only a fraction of real-world insights. At conferences, you will engage with experts who offer practical solutions to your challenges. Additionally, you can forge connections for future collaboration.
  2. Team building and skill enhancement opportunities abound at conferences. Whether seeking seasoned professionals or budding talents, you’ll encounter a diverse pool of individuals to bolster your team or glean valuable advice from.
  3. Conferences serve as fertile ground for identifying growth opportunities. Speakers frequently share case studies detailing their journey from inception to profitability. By attentively absorbing these narratives, you can discern profitable avenues, avoid pitfalls, and pinpoint areas for personal development, all without assuming unnecessary risks.

What awaits you on MAC’24?

This year’s MAC conference will host over 2500 participants, featuring 30 reports from renowned international speakers like KJ ROCKER, VAN OAKES, Galina Bakusheva, and Alexander Flint. The exhibition will showcase over 100 companies, partners, and advertisers.

The main event, including the exhibition and presentations, will take place on May 30-31, with the option to extend your experience with Preparty and Afterparty gatherings.

The Preparty, scheduled for May 29 at 20:00, offers prime networking opportunities. Attendees value this chance to connect early, potentially securing advantageous partnerships or exclusive insights. It’s particularly beneficial for first-time conference-goers.

Registering in advance ensures hassle-free entry, sparing you from waiting in queues.

On May 30-31, attendees will be able to hear reports from top speakers at the conference itself. The organizers personally select everyone, and everything here is at the highest level; perhaps for the last few years, it has been the only conference in the CIS to which international speakers come. 

The exhibition will be held in one of the largest halls – the Meridian Exhibition Center. There will be a grand Afterparty on MAC for 1,500+ participants starting on May 31 at 22:00.

By the way, the organizers of the MAC have agreed with the top hotels in Yerevan, and all participants of the conference can stay in the hotels from the list below with a discount of up to 20% : 

  • Alexander is a luxury international hotel in the historical center of Yerevan—a beautiful view of the city from the roof. The hotel has a spa, sauna, swimming pool, and fitness center. 
  • Seven Visions Resort & Places, The Dvin is a hotel located in a quiet and picturesque area of Yerevan, surrounded by nature. Spacious rooms with mountain views. The hotel has a panoramic outdoor pool, a restaurant serving modern Armenian cuisine, as well as a conference room, a CrossFit court and a tennis court. 
  • Holiday Inn Yerevan – Republic Square is a hotel in the heart of Yerevan. It has a wellness center with a 25-meter swimming pool, a Jacuzzi with fresh and salt water, and a variety of exercise equipment.

Contact of the hotel manager:

Lida Ghazaryan


Phone: +37493726698

telegram @ghazaryanlida 


There are 4 types of MAC tickets in total: GOLD, VIP, DIAMOND, COMPANY PASS. There are options for both solo players and companies. 

A brief overview of what is included in the tickets: 

  • GOLD. 2 days of the conference: exhibition, reports, networking during the main part. And the ticket holder will be able to watch all the speeches of the speakers on the record at any time. 
  • VIP. Everything that is in GOLD, as well as Afterparty visits, unlimited free cocktails, hookah, and snacks at the party. A transfer to the Afterparty venue is also included at the expense of the organizers. 
  • DIAMOND. Everything that is in the VIP, as well as access to a private area with speakers, speakers and stakeholders. And transfer to the Afterparty location by premium car. 
  • COMPANY PASS. Suitable for teams. You get the placement of your company’s logo on the MAC website and a press release on the conf. Transfer to the Afterparty location is included.

Attending conferences isn’t just about self-promotion or seeking affiliate programs and advertisers; it’s also an opportunity to gain new perspectives, revitalize familiar verticals, and build connections. In affiliate marketing, success hinges not only on data but also on networking.

MAC provides a platform to forge lucrative partnerships while enjoying yourself. Early ticket buyers can enjoy discounts of up to 25%, available on the MAC website.