NeoGames signs agreement with Pennsylvania Lottery

  • Wednesday 16 August, 2023
NeoGames signs agreement with Pennsylvania Lottery

NeoGames, an innovative supplier of iLottery offerings, has entered into a new deal with Scientific Games, with an intention to bring its top-tier gaming content to the Pennsylvania Lottery.

This will give Pennsylvania Lottery customers access to a broad diapason of highly regarded eInstant gaming material that will be available throughout the following year.

This newly established deal further amplifies NeoGames‘ growing devotion to assisting lottery clients in America. The company has already 8 lotteries across the continent poised to adopt the iLottery products.

Pennsylvania Lottery’s Executive Director, Drew Svitko mentioned:

Our team is overjoyed to announce the successful and advanced NeoGames Studio portfolio’s incorporation into our iLottery online platform. Our continuous pursuit of inventive avenues to enrich the virtual gaming journey for our esteemed users has led us to this exciting collaboration. NeoGames Studio suggests a gaming library brimming with captivating adventures, aligning perfectly with our dedication to delivering entertainment. Anticipating that this cooperation will amplify the Lottery’s allure among online users, we are dedicated to advancing the PA Lottery’s core objective of augmenting funds for programs that serve the welfare of senior residents.

NeoGames Studio’s Managing Director, Hili Shakked commented:

By teaming up with such prominent iGaming companies, we are opening doors to introduce our top-tier eInstant games to a vast and untapped user base. This partnership stands as another testament to our unwavering dedication to bringing inventive and captivating gaming content that caters to the needs and interests of lottery enthusiasts. With a strong belief in the positive results of this enduring partnership, we foresee a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties involved.

NeoGames Studio, a proprietary game development studio, has a phenomenal two decades of experience delivering lotteries with a regular stream of high-quality eInstant gaming content and has amassed an extraordinary collection of more than 250 titles.

NeoGames is a dominant force on a global scale in providing iLottery solutions for lotteries authorized by authorities. With a vision to be the preferred long–lasting companion for lotteries glo...