NordicBet launches new brand identity with intriguing slogan

NordicBet launches new brand identity with intriguing slogan

NordicBet has launched a modern brand identity with a new marketing campaign and a new slogan.

The iGaming operator NordicBet has recently announced its brand new marketing strategy. Launching alongside, the company also introduced its new slogan: “makes sports bigger”. The move aims to increase the corporation’s influence in its home territories by paying extra attention to enthusiasm for sports as well as the way it is represented.

The main element launched with this new announcement is a TV advertisement created by some of the best firms in the industry.

We will be able to utilize marketing campaigns across multiple brands and jurisdictions thanks to our new international design interface. At first we will deploy the new solution in the Nordic market, with other regions to follow soon.

stated Ronni Hartvig, the chief commercial officer at Betsson Group.

A lot of sports fans have quite a few small routines they follow in an attempt to support their favorite teams and players. The routines are usually quite simple like putting on a “lucky” piece of clothing or putting on their favorite team’s jersey. Basing our campaign and starting off with these routines, we aim to build on them to give our players an elevated experience by adding interesting twists to the rituals and ultimately making sports bigger.

said Kay Hook, the director of branding at the business.