OlyBet as premium partner of Euroleague Basketball till 2025

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OlyBet as premium partner of Euroleague Basketball till 2025

Euroleague Basketball, a foremost basketball league in the EU, has recently unveiled the enlargement of its companionship with OlyBet, a prominent gambling entertainment brand in Europe.

OlyBet will continue to be the official Premium Partner of the BKT EuroCup and Turkish Airlines EuroLeague until 2025.

The Chief Executive at Euroleague Basketball, Paulius Motiejunas mentioned:

Our team is overjoyed to enhance our companionship with OlyBet Group, an innovative collaborator that has the same enthusiasm for European Basketball. Having personally observed the remarkable influence of OlyBet Group’s engagement in European basketball, our team is confident that this extended companionship holds the promise of an exhilarating future.

The Chief Executive Officer at OlyBet Group, Corey Plummer stated:

We are motivated by our common objective of improving the sports betting overall experience for our enthusiasts. This new deal is a pivotal turning point in our history, and we promise to bring one-of-a-kind sporting events. We anticipate establishing new norms for interaction and enjoyment in European basketball in collaboration with Euroleague Basketball.

To leverage this cooperation, Euroleague Basketball, and OlyBet Group want to create several programs that are aimed at improving the player practice and the virtual environment. The purpose of these programs is to give supporters of the EuroLeague and EuroCup chances to become more involved with Europe’s tier-one club basketball leagues all over the season.