SOFTSWISS launches Event Streaming on the Casino Platform

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SOFTSWISS launches Event Streaming on the Casino Platform

Event Streaming is going to be the latest addition to SOFTSWISS’s innovative Casino Platform.

The leading iGaming provider SOFTSWISS has recently launched their newest feature complementing the Casino Platform, Event Streaming, that is going to enable operators to track a plethora of activities on the platform. The new feature will allow the provider’s partners to analyze their data thoroughly and instantly.

The feature is going to interpret bets, wins and deposits among other occurrences as events that will be tracked. It will have the capacity to track more than 15 million of those per hour, making it suitable for operators of all sizes. It will also feature a number of parameters to ensure a high degree of flexibility.

Event Streaming is going to start collecting data after an action is taken by the player. It will then continuously supply the data of any events happening in an instant.

The tool will allow operators to develop personalized bonus campaigns and loyalty programs in a timely manner, increasing their player retention rates and most importantly, yield.

Furthermore, utilizing data collected by it, the feature will enable operators to provide a more personalized customer relations experience to their users with unique messages being sent out on carefully optimized communication verticals.

Event Streamer will also have the capability to be connected to third-party analytics solutions in case a client wants to integrate data from multiple sources into a single data management platform.

Lastly, the new feature will enable operators to have the data at their fingertips at all times. This will allow clients to react to any major events quickly and keep the operation running smoothly.

We are delighted to announce the newest addition to our Casino Platform, Event Streaming. We are certain that our new offering will allow operators to interact with their players in a better way, boosting their retention rates, decreasing churn and increasing yield in the process. Our Casino Platform team has been hard at work, as they have also integrated it to work seamlessly with our sportsbook solution. The new integration is another step towards our strategic goals to integrate all of our products together to ensure that they work together hassle-free.

stated the technical leader at SOFTSWISS’s research and development team, Sergey Korodenko.