SOFTSWISS to add Bonus API to its platform

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SOFTSWISS to add Bonus API to its platform

SOFTSWISS will soon add an API for seamless bonus integration with its casino platform.

The iGaming software development firm SOFTSWISS has recently announced about releasing its brand new bonus API. The new program interface will allow the company’s clients to coherently incorporate and manage bonuses automatically tailored towards each user’s interests based on their data.

The new automation API will be a replacement for the built-in bonus management feature, with vastly improved performance. It will allow the handout of bonuses in the form of free spins and credits, as well as personalized loot boxes. Furthermore, the system will perform without any additional configuration.

This addition will also allow in-depth customization of a number of parameters, for increased effectiveness and thus, yield. The system will allow the creation of special bonuses meant for a specific type of player, as well as the automated tailoring of prizes for each player, all done based on each user’s individualized data.

In the statement, the company mentioned that a few high-profile clients have already begun testing of the new API, and that development will be brought to a close soon, involving feedback from them.

Lastly, the lead of the online casino platform at the business, Darya Avtukhovich, had a small statement in the document. They said:

“We strive to [ameliorate] the Casino Platform by [regularly] introducing new functionality for our clients.”

They mentioned that the newly introduced system is a great tool which will benefit operators massively thanks to its personalization technology, which will improve customer retention and loyalty.

“[The provider] will keep developing [cutting-edge products] to provide our clients with [extraordinary] service.”

they continued.