Star Entertainment fined AU$100m by Queensland

  • Monday 12 December, 2022
Star Entertainment fined AU$100m by Queensland

The state of Queensland is going to be the second Australian jurisdiction to enact a massive 100 million Australian dollar fine on Star Entertainment.

Following an investigation into the operator’s regulatory compliance, the company has been fined the massive amount for numerous anti money laundering violations, as well as for letting known criminals and other prohibited people to gamble at their establishments.

In addition to the massive fine, the gambling corporation has been given a period of a year to sort out its numerous shortcomings. If the company doesn’t get its operation improved by the start of December next year, it will face a near three month license suspension.

The business will also be monitored over the period by an independent third-party, which will be led by a special manager. The role will be fulfilled by Nicholas Weeks, the same person monitoring Star’s New South Wales operation, which got a very similar penalty back in October.

Gambling establishments in Queensland must demonstrate an appropriate level of integrity in their operations, which Star Entertainment massively failed at. It was appalling seeing the firm welcome banned people and wanted criminals into their casinos across the state and offering them unimaginable incentives. If the company makes sufficient progress towards improving their shortcomings, I and the special manager may either postpone or entirely cancel their upcoming license suspension.

stated the attorney general and minister of Justice in Queensland, Shannon Fentiman.