Stats Perform and Veritone to give sports a new voice

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Stats Perform and Veritone to give sports a new voice

Veritone has recently partnered with Stats Perform to supply the latter with AI generated voice solutions.

This collaboration will enable the sports betting provider Stats Perform to utilize the artificial intelligence firm Veritone’s generated voice services. The deal will allow the former’s content to have automatically generated text-to-speech captions, giving it a number of unique capabilities.

One of the main ways the AI company will enhance the wagering provider’s operations is by giving them the ability to integrate automatically generated commentary for a variety of content in the forms of videos or texts.

Additionally, the voice system will enable visually impared users to enjoy a top notch experience that is as close to the original as possible.

Lastly, the artificial intelligence voice solution will also help the provider reach larger audiences in different international jurisdictions thanks to its plethora of language options.

We strongly believe that artificial intelligence generated voice is going to have a big role in the future of our industry. Thanks to our latest collaboration with Veritone, we will be able to integrate customizable voices in a number of popular languages in our products and services. The new feature will be instrumental in expanding an audience with wide demographics, including people who do not understand the default language of a website, in addition to users with visual disabilities.

remarked the chief revenue officer of Stats Perform, Steve Xeller.

Our latest collaboration is a first in our partner’s industry, as Stats Perform will so far be the only betting provider to offer voice services generated by our algorithms. It will take the industry to a whole new level and drastically change bettors’ experiences around the world.

commented the president of Veritone, Ryan Steelberg.

Stats Perform isn’t the only business showing interest in next-generation products and services powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. OneFootball, a hugely popular media company focused on the sport in its name, is also exploring these possibilities.

It is our goal to create and deliver the absolute best football viewing experience to our customers, which we achieve with high quality media that needs to meet our high standards of engagement. Automatically generated audio content developed by Veritone can play a huge part in our strategy, as it has the potential to expand our user base.

stated the chief business officer at OneFootball, Patrick Fischer.

Stats Perform is a software developer that aims to enhance sports betting using artificial intelligence technology. The company utilizes more than 140 AI algorithms created by their team of more than ...