Superbet extends platform deal with Comtrade Gaming

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Superbet extends platform deal with Comtrade Gaming

Comtrade Gaming, a prominent provider in the industry, has recently unveiled its companionship expansion with Superbet.

The powerhouse between both companies is primarily aimed at seamlessly integrating Superbet’s exclusive sportsbook with the iCore platform. This collaborative effort is a foundational element supporting Superbet’s key market activities in Romania and Poland, further showing its dominant regional existence.

The CRO at Superbet, Adam Shaw mentioned:

Our fundamental principles of innovation, and authenticity harmoniously match with Comtrade Gaming’s vision, establishing the strong foundation of our prosperous companionship. The ongoing development of our endeavors is concrete proof of our exceptional agreement. Our shared dedication to user entertainment marks the importance of our companionship, as we are unwavering in our devotion to bringing unmatched value and satisfaction to audiences.

The CCO at Comtrade Gaming, Steven Valentine stated:

Our team is excited to keep up our companionship with Superbet and anticipates our mutual progress. Our company has always thrived on developing long-lasting relationships, working together with the most dynamic and forward-thinking businesses to support them in reaching their business goals. We at Comrade Gaming are incredibly proud of our part in Superbet’s remarkable ascent to the top of the Romanian casino scene, which is a credit to our combined efforts.

Comtrade Gaming’s iCore iGaming Platform has been painstakingly created to boost casinos’ income streams and offer a first-rate user practice. Because of its adaptable architecture, it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each manager, which will ultimately result in higher player lifetime values and lower churn, which will ensure sustained user involvement and pleasure.

The Slovenian company Comtrade Gaming, which offers outstanding online casino platforms, gaming system administration, and mobile casino products, is recognized as an exceptional B2B in the iGaming se...