TapNation and Immutable partner to invite millions into Web3

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TapNation and Immutable partner to invite millions into Web3

TapNation and Immutable have joined forces to forge an inclusive and diverse future for Web3 gaming.

TapNation, a prominent French mobile gaming publisher, has entered into a strategic collaboration with Immutable, the leading developer platform for creating and expanding web3 games on Ethereum.

Through this partnership, TapNation will harness Immutable’s scaling solution for games, which offers EVM compatibility, cost-effectiveness, extensive scalability, and robust Ethereum security. Additionally, TapNation aims to transition its substantial player base seamlessly into the Web3 era by providing more intuitive blockchain experiences and a user-friendly onboarding process.

To kickstart this transformation, TapNation will focus on enhancing the user experience in two of its flagship mobile games: Giant Rush (available on iOS & Android) and Parking Jam (available on iOS & Android).

Giant Rush, boasting over 200 million downloads, immerses players in a hyper-casual running adventure where they combat colossal giants and gather valuable treasures as heroic adventurers.

Parking Jam, a unique puzzle game with over 15 million downloads, challenges players to navigate vehicles through congested parking lots as they assume the role of a traffic controller.

Philippe Lenormand, Head of Web3 at TapNation, said:

We are excited to embark on this new partnership with Immutable, a key player in the Web3 ecosystem. We are confident that by joining forces, we will successfully transition our Web2 players into the world of Web3, embarking on an exciting new journey together.

The collaboration between TapNation and Immutable is currently underway, with an anticipated release scheduled in the coming months.