US sports betting boom continues with New Hampshire

US sports betting boom continues with New Hampshire

In October the sports wagering industry in the state of New Hampshire set a new revenue high in almost a year.

Bettors spent a combined over 91 million dollars on the pastime in October in the state, indicating a near 17% increase in comparison to the previous month’s 78 million dollar figure. Despite that, the number is still down in comparison to the same month the year prior, though by a relatively small 7% margin.

The overwhelming majority of players chose to bet online, spending a combined 68 million dollars on the vertical. Just over 23 million dollars worth of bets were placed in retail wagering establishments.

Gambling operators earned a combined over 9 million dollars from the state’s players which represents a near 70% growth in comparison to the same period in the previous year. The figure was also up from September’s performance of 7.5 million dollars, indicating quite a healthy 23% monthly expansion.

Breaking down the revenue figures, over 6.5 million was generated from the online vertical, while retail shops made 2.5 million. Lastly, the state itself saw an income of 4.5 million dollars in the form of taxes.

October has been quite an exciting month for the sports betting industry in the United States, as multiple states, such as New York and Oregon, have seen significant amounts of growth in the period.