Zitro expands presence in Spain by partnering with Orenes

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Zitro expands presence in Spain by partnering with Orenes

Zitro will provide their tallest Altius Glare machines to a casino in Spain

The reputable casino equipment provider Zitro has recently struck a deal with the Spanish leisure and hospitality company Orenes Group to deliver one of its best cabinets to the latter’s establishment. The group, which has over half a century of experience in their home market, is one of the provider’s most faithful customers in the country.

According to the terms of the agreement, the equipment provider will deliver one of their tallest cabinets to the hospitality corporation’s property in the Spanish town of Badajoz. Equipped with a colossal fifty-five inch ultra high definition display and an additional twenty-seven inch touchscreen, the cabinets will be a great investment for the casino.

Furthermore, the location of the establishment is quite exquisite, as it’s close to Portugal and is a popular travel destination for tourists. Consequently, this will provide additional exposure to Zitro’s state-of-the-art machines.

The partnership will enhance the two companies’ relations as a result of it not being the first one for both of them, as mentioned before. Both of the companies stated in press releases of their own that they are thrilled to collaborate again to deliver a great experience to their customers.