Abios enhances its services with Rainbow Six Siege data

  • Friday 9 December, 2022
Abios enhances its services with Rainbow Six Siege data

Rainbow Six Siege will be the latest popular game supported by Abios’s top quality esports data solutions.

Having been originally released back in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege still has a sizable following of loyal fans who watch its eSports tournaments. Thus, Abios has decided to support the game and enhance its offerings with Rainbow Six Siege data and wagering odds.

The game’s eSports tournaments have been getting massive viewership numbers well north of 100 thousand viewers for the past year, with the peak viewer count of an event reaching nearly 180 thousand.

The eSports data company is going to be utilizing computer vision algorithms to capture accurate data from the tournament’s matches. This will result in not only an increased accuracy for the data, but also more data points and more granular wagering odds.

We are delighted to start providing data and wagering odds for Rainbow Six Siege. Thanks to our advanced machine vision algorithms, we will be able to provide a much more granular data feed to our clients, which we are very much looking forward to doing in the near future.

commented the lead of the computer vision team at Abios, Rasmus Johns.