Bethard hires Enteractive for CRM services

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Bethard hires Enteractive for CRM services

Bethard, the prominent Swedish operator, has enlisted the expertise of Enteractive, a pioneer in player conversion and reactivation solutions, to enhance their internal CRM services. This collaboration aims to revive engagement with inactive players across Bethard’s .se and .com brands.

As a regulated entity under the Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA), Bethard embarks on targeted campaigns with Enteractive. These initiatives focus on converting registered non-funded segments and reactivating dormant player accounts. Bethard recognizes Enteractive’s tailored player outreach as instrumental in maximizing revenue potential from these untapped player segments.

Enteractive boasts over 15 years of experience as the premier player activation specialist in the online gambling industry. Leveraging their proprietary (Re)Activation Cloud technology platform, Enteractive ensures swift integration of player databases. Their team of native-speaking sales agents conducts personalized one-on-one outreach via phone, fostering meaningful connections with players in various markets.

This personalized CRM approach has proven effective in re-engaging players from dormant segments, with a commitment to responsible gambling practices embedded as standard protocol.

Frank Heinanen, Managing Director at Bethard, commented:

To enhance revenue potential, Bethard has collaborated with Enteractive to reconnect with audience segments that exhibit greater responsiveness to personalized engagement via direct phone conversations. In a bid to optimize the Lifetime Player Value (LPV) across all segments of our player base, Enteractive will prioritize engagement efforts towards audience groups identified as particularly receptive to this intimate and individualized form of interaction.

John Foster, Head of B2B Sales at Enteractive, added:

We’re excited about the partnership with Bethard, a brand known for its strong presence in sports betting and iGaming markets. Bethard acknowledges the untapped potential within inactive player accounts, and Enteractive brings together cutting-edge technology and expert reactivation strategies to significantly enhance active player revenues.

With a global network of native-speaking call agents, Enteractive consistently converts over 16,000 players per month for leading iGaming brands.