Betr launches its micro betting offering in Ohio

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Betr launches its micro betting offering in Ohio

Betr’s innovative micro wagering service is now available to bettors in Ohio.

The news follows the firm’s previous soft launch in Ohio, which involved a free-to-play version of their offerings, and expands on it by adding deposit and withdrawal functionality. The state is going to be one of the first jurisdictions where Betr’s fully-featured products will be available.

To celebrate this launch, the company is running a unique promotion, offering a million dollars to the first person to get a streak of 30 winning wagers in the state. If the goal is not achieved by anyone before the Super Bowl, Betr will award 50 thousand dollars to a lucky player with the longest winning streak.

Furthermore, the firm is running a nationwide campaign for its free-to-play users as well, offering 10 thousand dollars to the player with the longest winning streak.

We are quite excited to have the opportunity to offer our real-money micro wagering products in Ohio. This launch is the first in our expansion strategy where we focus on each individual state to deliver local players a top-notch experience. We are looking forward to entertaining our audience and growing across the United States in the near future.

commented the founder and chief executive officer of Betr, Joey Levy.