BGaming is the sponsor of Scatters Club Stream Tourney

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BGaming is the sponsor of Scatters Club Stream Tourney

BGaming, an iGaming content provider, has announced its sponsorship of this year’s Scatters Club Streamers tournaments.

The studio, known for its online casino games and slots, also supported the inaugural Streamers Battles event held from March 10th to 24th, with backing from AI platform Casinolytics.

The tournaments consist of a series of 20 games where streamers compete against each other on a leaderboard for a chance to win a portion of the $250,000 prize pool. During the initial Streamers Battles event, 16 players from various regions around the world, including Andypsx, a top 10 global streamer, played some of BGaming’s most popular slots.

Mowehhuku emerged as the champion, taking home a prize of $11,000, followed by Andypsx with $5,000 and Wingz with a thirdplace prize of $2,000. In addition to this, five other players won a portion of the $7,000 prize pool by completing various quests.

This sponsorship agreement further underscores BGaming’s dedication to promoting playercentric game development by recognizing and honoring a community of streamers who produce captivating content and uphold the values of responsible gaming.

BGaming’s Streamer Relations Lead, Maxim Krotau, expressed his enthusiasm about partnering with Casinolytics to support Scatters Club’s Streamers tournament series.

This year, a total of six major events will be held with a combined prize pool of $250,000. The previous Streamers Battles event held in March was a remarkable triumph, as it was dedicated to promoting a positive gaming culture and recognizing the community of players. Our team is eagerly anticipating the next tournament scheduled for June.

Ellina Minkevich, the Event Manager at Scatters Club, stated:

There has been a surge of interest from streamers who are keen to participate in events such as this. These type of tournaments provide an opportunity for streamers to create new and captivating content for their followers while also offering them something new and exciting to experience.

Minkevich added that there are five additional major tournaments on the horizon, and they are anticipating an even larger and more diverse group of participants from across the globe.

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