Hard Rock’s brand new casino already hit over $11m in AGR

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Hard Rock’s brand new casino already hit over $11m in AGR

The new Hard Rock Casino and Resort Bristol has already surpassed 11 million dollars in adjusted revenue.

The establishment in Bristol, Virginia has been running since the 8th of July, after getting their permission from the state’s gambling regulator in April of this year. However, an extension of the building is under construction right now and is scheduled to be opened in about two years.

Furthermore, the company also plans on adding a few other improvements, such as the introduction of sports wagering at the facility.

During the past month the casino managed an adjusted gross revenue figure of a bit under 12 million dollars. The majority of that number came from the slot machines, as they earned over 10 million dollars, while the rest was made from table games such as Poker.

Additionally, the firm also disclosed that it had paid over 2 million dollars in taxes on the revenue generated from the casino, making for a tax rate that’s just shy of 20%.