SIS signs agreement with German Tote on horse racing content

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SIS signs agreement with German Tote on horse racing content

With a recent prolonged deal underwritten with the German Tote, Sports Information Services, a premier supplier of the greatest live wagering material, has elevated its global content recommendations.

This extended partnership ensures that SIS maintains its access to leading products from the German Tote, the esteemed horse racing wagering broker in Germany, across both retail and online platforms.

This collaboration ensures that SIS companions located globally can now get popular races, such as the renowned Deutsches Derby in Hamburg, enhancing the already amazing collection of top-notch material from more than 170 racetracks and tracks across 5 continents.

By involving German racing programming, SIS reaffirms its dedication to providing a wide array of betting options 24 hours a day. This expansion of events not only benefits operators but also significantly enhances revenue generation for them.

Riko Luiking, Supervising Director at German Tote mentioned:

Our team is thrilled to have successfully got this deal for both online and offline platforms, as it presents a fantastic chance to present German racing to a vast global player base. We eagerly anticipate our continued collaboration, ensuring the delivery of exceptional and highly challenging entertainment throughout the day and night.

The Head of Global Horse Racing, Conall McSorley remarked:

The cooperation enlargement with the German Tote is a testament to the bond we have cultivated. This is really thrilling to continue this collaboration for the long term. Our comprehensive library boasts unparalleled quality, and we are more than confident that our users will be delighted with the exceptional racing action from Germany that we can consistently offer them.

SIS suggests its around-the-clock online wagering as a comprehensive solution, bringing an impressive lineup of about 75K racing events. This all-in-one package involves live broadcast pictures, real-time data, and on-screen animations complete with wagering triggers. Moreover, it boasts an enlarged scope of markets and competitive prices, ensuring a smooth and immersive wagering practice for players.


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