Soft2Bet’s SiGMA presence once again a great success

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Soft2Bet’s SiGMA presence once again a great success

SiGMA Europe 2023 in Malta brought a huge success for Soft2Bet, where the company could present its one-of-a-kind iGaming products to attendees.

With a daily attendance exceeding 5K participants, Soft2Bet executives were engaged with companions and contacts, sharing useful insights and creating business opportunities within the confines of the company’s impressive stand.

This occasion provided an excellent platform for the company to underscore its dedication to the iGaming network, showcasing long-lasting projections supported by the finest tech and services.

During the event, Soft2Bet’s Chief Executive, Uri Poliavich delivered a keynote address on November 15, highlighting how the company’s gamification tools empower casinos to not only create substantial income and enhance engagement but also serve as crucial features in competing for users’ attention against social media giants.

Soft2Bet’s Chief Executive Officer, Uri Poliavich commented:

In the constant competition between providers and casinos, the real challenge lies in capturing users’ consideration amid rivals like Instagram, YouTube, and already TikTok. Achieving this involves incorporating personalization features, leaderboards, or City Builder mechanics to extend players’ daily engagement while offering purposes spanning months. Gamified brands witnessed a notable 65% increase in avg GGR per user and a 42% rise in deposit amounts. Equally significant is the staggering 300% increase in player screen time, surpassing competitors by fourfold.

The General Counsel at Soft2Bet, David Yatom Hay mentioned:

Soft2Bet’s strategic focus for the coming years includes a key emphasis on regulatory expansion until 2024. The B2B remains dedicated to fitting in the dynamic regulatory landscapes in both Malta and EU markets as an integral aspect of its ongoing efforts.

The company’s CBDO Martin Collins greeted companions and contacts at their brandnew stand. He added that the success of 2023’s event was truly gratifying, providing an excellent opportunity to connect with numerous contacts. Engaging discussions centered around new tools and projects aimed at enlarging their companions’ activities, all while ensuring sustained development.




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