SOFTSWISS’s recap of 2022: challenges and successes

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SOFTSWISS’s recap of 2022: challenges and successes

SOFTSWISS reviews the past year and discusses its expansion over the period.

Despite the less than ideal operating environment for iGaming companies in the year, SOFTSWISS has managed to escape the troubles and demonstrate quite a bit of growth in 2022. The firm launched new services, expanded its partner network and reached the milestone of having over 1400 employees, among many other achievements.

First off, the company launched a brand new offering at the start of the year, the Jackpot Aggregator. In less than 12 months the solution has managed to accumulate a vast list of customers who are all more than satisfied with the improvements to their player retention statistics SOFTSWISS’s jackpot campaigns have made.

The company’s Game Aggregator solution saw quite a bit of development as well, having received a number of awards and expanding its offerings to over 13 thousand games from 180 of the industry’s best developers. It entered a couple of new operating markets, namely South America and Asia, and strengthened its foothold in Europe.

All of the firm’s other products continued on SOFTSWISS’s positive trajectory, improving their offerings and expanding their operations.

We are delighted with our performance this year, having achieved a decent level of expansion despite the challenging operating climate. We broke a couple of records with two of our flagship solutions, the casino interface and our content aggregation service. We released a new offering, the Jackpot Aggregator, and worked hard to perfect our other offerings and increase their performance. We are looking forward to what challenges and opportunities 2023 will have in store for us and we are certain that it will be even more successful for us than 2022.

remarked the co-chief executive officer of SOFTSWISS, Andrey Starovoitov.

Furthermore, SOFTSWISS recently surveyed the clients of its Casino Platform solution, which further highlights aspects of the firm’s growth over 2022.