Star’s chief executive resigns following Queensland inquiry

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Star’s chief executive resigns following Queensland inquiry

Following an inquiry started by the Australian state of Queensland, Star Entertainment’s chief executive Geoff Hogg has decided to step down.

One of Australia’s largest gambling operators, Star Entertainment Group, has recently had its chief executive, Geoff Hogg, announce his resignation following an inquiry greenlit by the state of Queensland.

The executive will remain on the corporation’s board of directors for a short while, helping the firm and the next chief executive, Robert Cooke, who is going to replace him, transition. Before Cooke’s appointment, however, Ben Heap will take the interim position as the former is still waiting for the regulatory green light.

As previously mentioned, this higher managerial shakeup is likely due to Queensland’s inquiry, which allegedly accuses the business of encouraging prohibited customers to play in other states.

Hogg’s departure is not the first one of its kind for the company, as other key people from its higher management have resigned in the past few months, such as the previous chief executive and managerial director Matt Bekier.