TCSJOHNHUXLEY to present live gaming Offering at ICE London

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TCSJOHNHUXLEY to present live gaming Offering at ICE London

TCSJOHNHUXLEY, a prominent global leader in live gaming solutions, utilized ICE London 2024 as a platform to exhibit its expanding array of live table games, notably its captivating Xtreme suite of progressive games.

These offerings amalgamate proprietary enhancements with the allure of mystery prizes, individual, community, and fixed pay-outs, delivering an unparalleled gaming experience.

Expanding upon the success of TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s progressive offerings in blackjack, poker, and roulette, attendees were introduced to Pure Pairs Xtreme, Double-Up Blackjack Xtreme featuring the popular Bonus 16 side bet, Magic Poker Xtreme, and Roulette Xtreme.

In the realm of progressive jackpots, trust is paramount. TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Xtreme progressive games are underpinned by the renowned TCS Jackpot System, prized for its user-friendly interface, robust security measures, proven reliability, and emphasis on adaptable jackpot management.

The TCS Jackpot System serves as a distinctive platform compatible with any table game, empowering operators to configure multiple bespoke progressive jackpots and patented mystery prizes, enhancing the appeal of base games.

A standout feature of the TCS Jackpot System grants players access to various individual, community, and mystery progressive jackpots, alongside fixed pay-outs. Should one jackpot be claimed, the others remain active, fostering sustained excitement and prolonged player engagement.

Operators can introduce patented mystery jackpots, utilizing a random number generator (RNG) to designate participating players or groups as winners, further elevating excitement and entertainment. Operators retain control over the average value and frequency of these mystery jackpots. Additionally, operators have the option to unify jackpots across all tables and games, offering players the chance to win life-changing prizes by connecting existing tables.

United Kingdom and Europe Managing Director for TCSJOHNHUXLEY, Nicci Smith, said:

TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Xtreme progressive games are designed to provide players with increased opportunities to win and enjoy themselves. In the realm of progressives tailored for the live casino sector, it’s evident that we’ve crafted something exceptional. Featuring fully customizable multiple jackpot types, mystery prizes, and fixed payouts, our product offers genuine adaptability, establishing the TCS Jackpot System as a top choice for operators striving to differentiate themselves in today’s competitive market.

Delivered as a white-label product, the TCS Jackpot System offers operators full customization capabilities to align games, designs, and jackpots with their brand. Alternatively, the TCSJOHNHUXLEY team can provide assistance in this endeavor. With limitless possibilities, operators can introduce an unprecedented level of entertainment and excitement to their gaming floors.