Your ultimate guide to the top cricket betting sites in 2023

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Your ultimate guide to the top cricket betting sites in 2023

With the Ashes only a few weeks away, we all know what that means — cricket fever is picking up, and it won’t settle down until the ICC World Cup has ended in November. Cricket, a highly popular sport with a global following, has gained widespread recognition and captivated audiences worldwide.

The sports have evolved recently thanks to the Twenty20 Internationals and One-Day International (ODI) formats, which draw new fans and keep the game interesting, while providing new wagering opportunities.

These changes in sports have coincided with the growth of online sportsbooks. Instead of going to a physical location and making bets, an analysis that some demographics find uncomfortable, wagering can now be completed online, and such websites have proliferated as a result of this.

Our top picks

Exploring and identifying the best cricket betting sites can be a time-consuming endeavor, often demanding thorough research. However, this guide aims to streamline and simplify the process, providing valuable assistance to make your search for reputable cricket betting platforms easier and more efficient.

As with any fast-growing industry, some brands are simply in it to exploit the market and have little regard for the user practice. This is the reason why users cannot simply bet with any sportsbook that they find.

We choose our top go-to cricket wagering sites by aligning with a set of standards. One of the most important things to check is where the sportsbook is licensed. A license is an authorization issued by governmental bodies and indicates that the entertainment site is a legitimate operation.

The availability of betting on cricket tournaments and the odds offered, the possibilities for account replenishment and withdrawal, and the accessibility and responsiveness of customer assistance are additional essential elements. The final factor that we consider is what type of bonus offers are suggested to newly joined and returning bettors.

We have chosen the top cricket betting sites of 2023, taking into account the decisive criteria:


As its name indicates, Spreadex is all about spread betting. The company is the United Kingdom’s first spread betting site. Along with that, Spreadex also offer a complete scope of traditional bets on sports.


Parimatch delivers a streamlined betting practice, and doing it is very simple. Nevertheless, it also means that it is challenging to locate promos and exclusive deals on the website.


Rhino is a new sportsbook that has quickly risen to the highest point in its sphere due to its simple-to-navigate website and its consistently strong odds. The company is authorized by the UK’s gambling regulating body, a respected commission.

Possibly due to being fairly new and wanting to keep things simple, Rhino only gets a very limited number of transaction options when compared with its competitors.


A sought-after sportsbook that provides odds on the best tournaments. It comes with the industry’s most lucrative welcome bonuses, and making a wager on their website or through their dedicated app is available for the users.

However, it should be noted that their user assistance can be a bit challenging to reach in an emergency, as unlike many operators it does not work 24/7.

What are the most popular cricket tournaments to bet on?

ICC World Cup is the N1 tournament to watch and wager. The T20 World Cup is another greatest event, and the third-largest is the ICC Champions Trophy, which was canceled in 2017, but it will come back in 2025.

The Ashes are very crucial Test Series to gamble on, possibly due to the intense and historic challenge between the two teams. The entire Indian Premier League season draws a massive amount of viewers and bettors.

What are popular cricket betting markets?

There are various bet types that users usually choose, and within the realm of cricket, there exist several well-known ways. The initial and time-honored choice among these is the match-winner wager. This entails placing a wager on a team to emerge victorious in a singular game.

The outright or series winner is a bet that is placed on a specific victory, and this option is very well-liked during large tournaments.

The ‘top batter’ and ‘to score a century’ markets are also self-explanatory. Both bets revolve around predicting the performance of individual batters in a game or series.  Another well-liked market is called “Top Wicket Taker” and does exactly what it says.

The last sought-after cricket wagering is the ‘method of first dismissal’, which include run out, leg before wicket (LBW), caught, and bowled.

How to bet on cricket?

Cricket betting is remarkably easy, beginning by selecting a sportsbook and establishing an account. This can be accomplished either on your computer or mobile device, and certain platforms even offer a dedicated app for your convenience.

After successfully creating an account and choosing to receive any accessible bonuses, all you have to do is deposit funds. Next, browse through the available matches or series that you wish to bet on, and determine the bet type you want to place.

That’s all there is to it.

Are there any cricket betting strategies?

While we would all love to have a simple strategy to bet on cricket so that we can always win, it, unfortunately, isn’t that simple. The best strategy to improve your odds is to do your research. Research the teams playing, the state of the pitch and the weather, and what the outcome has been when these teams have faced one another previously.

One other strategy is to avoid betting on the number of runs in a given inning, match, or series. These totals can vary so dramatically that bets of these sorts rarely payout and rarely payout consistently. If you think back to the 2019 Ashes and Ben Stokes’ last wicket stand at Headingley, this is a prime sample of just how dramatically a run total can change.

How we ranked the best cricket betting sites

To even merit consideration, a cricket wagering site must have a valid license from a reputable governmental licensing body. Alongside that, they must have strong safety protocols in place to keep bettor data safe and secure.

Another crucial aspect to take into account is the availability of cricket matches to bet on. Moreover, you should also check the variety of bets and the odds offered. For cricket fans, a sportsbook would be of little use if it doesn’t provide the chance to wager on the desired sports events or if it fails to offer favorable odds. It is imperative to find a platform that caters to these needs to fully engage cricket fans in the realm of sports gambling.

Our third primary criteria involve the suggested bonuses. The biggest part of online sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses, but these can vary greatly in terms of value. Alongside welcome bonuses, we also look for sportsbooks that reward bettor loyalty by having some form of VIP or rewards program.